Digital Marketing For Small Business Owners/ Startups

Remember the days when we completely rely on traditional mode of marketing that is newspaper ads, Xeroxed flyers, and billboards to do marketing for business. Moving to new methods of marketing will increase the effective tactics for marketing strategy.

The Basics of digital marketing for startups:-

  • Website design.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Social media advertising/ marketing.
  • Social media management.
  • Email marketing.
  • Pay- per-click advertising.
  • Email marketing.
  • Content marketing.

Digital marketing is also known as internet marketing. Digital marketing helps to use proper tool and techniques to cover large audience in very affordable price. This platform is open for every user. Through the evolution of technology and its benefits, digital marketing has grown in many industries by adding values to their purposes.

Benefits of using digital marketing:-

Now-a-days everything is online- socializing, shop, online streaming (movie), shows, and news feed, shopping. Digital marketing often done at lower cost than traditional marketing, in traditional expenses for print, television advertisement can cost high. Also, a blog/article can reach thousands of users/readers at very minimal costing. Digital marketing in startup allows developing new relationship and huge customer base.

  • To make involvement of client:-
  • All social media campaigns, posts, webinars provide a great method to interact with client directly. It involves one-to-one interaction with company and client. Through social media campaign it will increase traffic to the company and also generates lead.
  • Customer reach in less expenses:-
  • New technology and strategy is used to track, monitor and interpret customer needs. By using proper analysis company exactly figure out which products or services is best.
  • Use benchmark for success:-
  • Instead of assuming the number of newspaper readers and seeing television ads, through digital platform the owner or admin immediately know how many viewers read their article/blog. Startups must customize their marketing approach to preferred locations and poll.
  • Right approach for marketing:-
  • It allows all aspects of marketing like; video marketing, PPC campaigns, email marketing, SEO, website, SMM. To start the business needs to make a effective and user friendly website which is easy to access.
  • SEO importance in marketing:-
  • SEO is best method to increase the ranking of nay website and best way to decide what the site is and how useful it is.
  • Adaption of digital marketing instead of traditional marketing:-
  • The main reason to adapt digital marketing is its affordable and cheaper price and will reach more potential buyers/ clients. Through digital marketing we do business over worldwide.


Digital marketing helps to boost the visibility, increase online conversion rates, reduce marketing budget, generate leads & sales, brand awareness, customer engagement will improve, impact purchasing decisions, ROI.













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